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AKT is cardio, strength training, toning and stretching in one super high-energy session. Hot, sexy, fun, with SERIOUS results. After just one AKT class, students will feel vibrancy in muscle groups they’ve never worked and be filled with a contagious energy to keep on kicking ass.

Our keys to success:

  • CROSS-TRAINING – Unique combination of multiple disciplines (cardio, strength training, toning, stretching) in super high-energy sessions to generate energy and vibrancy in muscle groups never worked before
  • PROGRESSIVE - No more uninspired workouts and plateaus as AKT’s approach builds from week to week to challenge the body safely and successfully through every level of fitness
  • EXPERTISE - AKT’s programs and teachers are conditioning specialists with expertise in Pilates, yoga, the C.H.E.K. Method, TRX, sports conditioning, injury prevention, pre- and post-natal programs, and more!
  • PERSONALIZATION - It’s never about giving people a good sweat and then saying good bye. We believe in giving people the knowledge to make sure results last with frequent check-ins, customized programs, matching students to nutritional experts for healthier habits in and out of class.

Make workouts stop feeling like work-- AKT is no-holds-barred fun! BE MOVED.


The AKT Teacher Certification is one of the most rigorous, comprehensive and selective programs in the fitness industry. AKT trainers are certified through NASM, with an educational background in anatomy and kinesiology and a minimum of five years spent as a professional dancer. AKT teachers include 6 conditioning specialists with expertise in pre/postnatal fitness, Pilates, the Czech Method, TRX, CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist), injury prevention, and more. Motivated by their student’s progress, AKT teachers spend out-of-class time researching anatomical and nutritional solutions tailored to their client’s concerns, and choreographing new movements in order to provide results-driven strategies that are entertaining, safe, and incredibly effective.


After a decade in the elite fitness industry, Anna knows that results come from commitment. That’s why she forgoes the sweat-and-go-class structure for a more progressive approach that allows each student to improve over time. Small class sizes mean that students are encouraged by both teachers and fellow classmates to really push themselves, while private sessions provide an unparalleled opportunity to develop exceptional physical fitness and nutritional health.

There’s no physical requirement or past dance experience needed to enjoy AKT—just an open mind and the willingness to break a major sweat.



Are you a beginner looking to rev up your workout? Does "dancing" sound impossible? Good news! AKTease is going to give you the BEST, most comprehensive, full body workout possible, without knowing a single step. This class will prepare you for our more challenging Happy Hour and S&M classes by introducing you to simple movement vocabulary, a total body burn, and flexibility poses, all in a high energy, ridiculously fun and challenging atmosphere. Sweat like you''ve never sweat before, and get everything you need in one 60min jam session!


Smoke and Mirrors! Our pulse-pounding 90 minute dance-based interval class strategically mixes sweat inducing dance cardio with strength and flexibility intervals. Challenge your endurance WHILE sculpting your arms, legs, butt and abs. Get it all in one amazing class. S&M is progressive from week to week to keep challenging your mind and body and help you push past your plateaus. Skip the fitness hopping and get the full body workout you’ve been waiting for.


Perfect for students of any level, our 60 minute classes pair a choreographed combination of cardio, flexibility, and strength training with heart-pumping music for a comprehensive workout that keeps the body toned and energized for days. These open classes are great for beginners eager to experience high-intensity, cardio-based interval sessions.


Unlike traditional AKT classes, MAN CAMP does not involve any dancing. These workouts are created to improve your fitness level and connect your body by eliminating fat and building endurance. Cross train effectively using a combination of cardio & strength intervals, weighted circuit training, and flexibility to challenge and improve your total body!

All classes held at 244 E. 84th St, 4th floor (@ 2nd Ave)

SOHO classes are held at:
52 Mercer St. (btwn Broome & Grand)
3rd Floor

Private Training


Ten years of training high profile clients has made Anna Kaiser one of the most sought after personal trainers in the business. AKT Private Sessions are entirely sculpted around the client’s desired results and goals. Sessions range from 60 to 120 minutes, and can cover anything from stamina to flexibility to pre/postnatal fitness. Even the music is customized to the individual’s taste. Inspired by the mantra, “Results anywhere, anytime, and as efficiently as possible,” AKT instructors travel both nationally and internationally, and even conduct virtual sessions. Clients are always paired with teachers who match their goals, background and personality so that clients get the results they desire in a motivating atmosphere that feels both natural and FUN.


Sometimes it's easier to motivate and hold yourself accountable with a friend or two. AKT loves bringing individuals together who share similar goals and fitness levels into a semi-private group. These can happen weekly, daily, or just for a special occasion. Share your passion and AKT experience with your friends and get a killer workout in a supportive, fun environment.


Kelly Ripa is ripped! TV host shows off her ultra-toned abs and rock hard body in a bikini...

- excerpt from and Goodhousekeeping.


The results are immediate and lasting. It's the only 90 minutes in the day where I think about nothing else. I have never felt better. I never get sick. Like no one else, Anna inspires her students to work harder, reach higher, and achieve a state of mind and body we never thought possible.
-Sarah Easley
KIRNA of Kirna Zabete

Anna Kaiser leads with passion and heartfelt energy that flows from her to each and every client. I believe fitness is the key to living the life I desire and AKT is giving me the best, most comprehensive results I want! Anna has genius talent, positive spirit and is making huge impact in her clients’ lives. I love the combination of fluid and dynamic movements that make my body, mind and spirit feel amazing!
-Allison Porter
National Account Manager


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